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Andrea Pignato is a Professional Makeup Artist and Licensed Esthetician located in Staten Island, New York.

Her journey into the world of beauty began at a young age, fueled by her fascination with the perfect looks of celebrities on the red carpet and in magazines. This passion for makeup artistry led her to enroll at Robert Fiance Makeup Academy in 2012 to become a certified makeup artist. Andrea began her first makeup artist job at a photography studio where she put her knowledge and skills to the test. She gained experience working with clients of all ages and with many different skin types and complexions.

In 2014, Andrea began working at House of Trends salon, where she specialized in bridal, prom, special occasion, and camera-ready makeup. She spent eight years at the salon, refining her techniques and building a loyal clientele. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail quickly earned her a reputation as one of the best makeup artists in the area.


In 2022, Andrea embarked on a new journey and opened up her own makeup studio, Beauty By Andrea Inc. She has spent years learning, experiencing, and training to continue to master her craft, attending workshops, master classes, and seminars to sharpen her skills. She takes great pride in her work and is constantly striving to provide the highest level of artistry.

Andrea's passion for beauty and skincare shines through in everything she does. She loves making people feel beautiful and also educating them about the skin and how to take care of it properly. Her personalized approach and commitment to excellence have earned her a loyal following of clients who appreciate her expertise and the luxury experience she provides. If you're looking for a professional makeup artist and esthetician in Staten Island, look no further than Andrea Pignato and Beauty By Andrea Inc.


In 2015, Andrea became a makeup instructor at Robert Fiance Makeup Academy, where she taught and certified students looking to become makeup artists themselves. She enjoyed sharing her knowledge and experience with aspiring artists, and her passion for teaching inspired her to continue learning and growing in her own career.


As she mastered her techniques in makeup artistry, Andrea also became interested in skincare. In 2018, she attended Robert Fiance Beauty School to receive her esthetician license. Andrea has a huge passion for beauty and skincare. This additional training allowed her to offer her clients a full range of services, including skincare consultations and facials.



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